Korean American Perspectives Podcast Episode 6: Angella Ahn

Aug 23, 2019

This week's episode of Korean American Perspectives features Angella Ahn, violinist of the world-class Juilliard-trained Ahn Trio and Professor of Music at the Montana State University.

Angella shares her experience as a Korean American musician and what we as everyday people can learn from the musical field. From being one of the fabled Asian American Whiz Kids on the 1987 cover of Times Magazine to her and her sisters being praised for their innovative approach to blending the genre boundaries of music, Angella recollects incredible stories of her travels and performances.



Additional links

Official Website: Ahn Trio

TEDWomen 2010: A Modern take on piano, violin, and cello

PBS – Angella Ahn & Friends

I-Ho Pomeroy’s Korean Grill (Bozeman, MT)


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